Hamstring Testing System


We can help you determine your risk of hamstring strain or tear.

Hamstring strain injury is an injury commonly encountered by many athletes from football codes, and track and field. Unfortunately for athletes the injury has a tendency to recur making prevention and thorough rehabilitation important.

Factors involved with greater risk of tear and injury are:

  • You have injured your hamstrings before
  • You are involved in sport with sprinting
  • You have had an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair
  • Age

Research shows hamstring strength reduces the risk of injury and can even make up for the factors mentioned above. In the past this has been difficult to accurately and reliably measure.

Being strong in the hamstrings is definitely a must. Yet sometimes even hard work with hamstring exercise doesn't pay off, we can not be sure that each athlete responds to these exercises the same way. This is when you need to be tested.

In health care and elite sport measuring improvement has therefore become vitally important. At LifeCare Essendon Physiotherapy we use the newly developed and cutting edge NordBord system to accurately and reliably measure your eccentric hamstring strength. This will allow you and your health care practitioner to quickly and easily measure your hamstring strength to ensure your hard work in the gym is paying off.

Use the NordBord:

  • Prior to and following a rehab program
  • In your preseason 
  • In your recovery from ACL repair


How much does it cost?

Initial Assessment:  $ 125

Follow-up Testing:   $ 83

A detailed report will be sent to yourself or your treating health practitioner with advice/recommendations.

Treatment Pack: $350 for 10 treatment sessions

(Fees may be claimable with your health fund)


What do you need to do?

Either book your assessment online or call 93370000

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