Physiotherapists are the predominant allied health group at LifeCare Essendon Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a science-based healthcare profession that views human movement as central to health and well-being. Physiotherapy aims to maintain and restore human function after disease or injury, to help people achieve quality of life through physical movement. LifeCare Physiotherapists are highly trained to assess and diagnose your condition, then plan and administer treatment programs to restore function to the highest possible level. LifeCare Physiotherapists also work in partnership with doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care.

Using a combination of targeted manual therapy, manipulation, specific therapeutic exercise, education, lifestyle advice, or soft tissue techniques, LifeCare Essendon Physiotherapists strive to enhance health and maximise potential. At LifeCare Essendon Physiotherapy our physiotherapists have special training in McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, Dry Needling and expert hip and groin assessment and treatment.

We have a significant amount of expertise with 2 Musculoskeletal masters qualified physios and a Phd candidate focusing on hip and groin assessment and treatment.

We provide physiotherapy services to our local sporting partners:

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