Our Sports Podiatrist at LifeCare Essendon Podiatry is available for all your sporting, biomechanical and general foot care needs.  Our podiatrist has been providing the community podiatry in Essendon and Moonee Ponds for 30 years.

Many of the lower limb and foot injuries that appear in sports podiatry are the result of abnormalities in bio-mechanics (the way our physical structure of our bodies works). This can result in persistent pain in the lower limbs and can often be the result of overuse or sudden injury.

Before a treatment program can be devised, we need to asses you, your feet and your lower limbs. During your initial consultation we will:

Assess you based on your history and previous injuries
View your foot and lower limb pathology
Examine your current footwear
Assess your lower limb alignment and bio-mechanics (how your legs and lower body moves and function during activity).
Put you through a comprehensive biomechanical video GAIT analysis (on the treadmill). This assessment allows the sports podiatrist to view how your feet touch the ground and move while walking and running. It also allows us to devise a better treatment plan and to correct imbalances with better accuracy to help alleviate pain, discomfort and improve performance (seen above)

From this, our sports podiatrist will discuss and develop a treatment or injury prevention plan personalised for you that will help get you back performing at your best and help you prevent any injuries from re-occurring in the future. We want to help our patients recover as quickly but safely as possible and reduce their chance of re-injuring themselves again. This is done in a NORMAL consultation and NO REFERRAL is required.

Other service offered by our podiatrists include:

Provision of individualised footwear additions, and custom or ‘off the shelf’ orthotics when appropriate
General foot care
Diabetic foot care
Nail surgery e.g. ingrown nails
Footwear advice 

Podiatrists are able to refer for general x-ray, ultrasound and MRI scans to aide in diagnosis if required and often refer to other allied health professional e.g. physiotherapy if a multi-disciplinary treatment regime is required.





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